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Product Overview
Paraben's Phone Recovery Stick is an easy-to-use personal investigation tool to recover deleted data from almost all Android phones and tablets. Based on Paraben's digital forensic technology sold to law enforcement around the world, the Phone Recovery Stick will not only recover deleted data but download all the contents of the Android based phones and tablets including things like photos, videos, internet history, call logs, and much more.

More Than Just Deleted Text Messages
Most of the time, criminal investigations of cell phone data finds evidence in regular phone data and not from recovered deleted data. The same is true for personal investigations. There is so much information on smartphones today that it is nearly impossible to simply look through the phone to find the smoking gun. You need an investigation tool like the Phone Recovery Stick to perform a thorough examination.

  • Recovers Deleted Data - Recovers deleted text messages (SMS), contacts, photos, music, documents, calendar entries, notes, and several applications
  • Bypasses Phone Locks
  • - As long as debugging mode is on in the phone settings, pattern/pin locks will be bypassed
  • Downloads Phone Contents - Downloads all the user data on the phone such as photos, internet history, all text messages, contacts, call logs, etc.
  • Easy-To-Use - Simply plug the Phone Recovery USB device into your computer and run the software from the drive, connect your phone or tablet, and start downloading data
  • Recovers From Memory Cards - Recovers music, photos, documents, and more from MicroSD memory cards on
How it Works
  • Plug your Phone Recovery Stick into your PC
  • Run the PhoneRecovery.exe software from the Phone Recovery Stick USB drive
  • Plug your phone into your PC and start recovering data
  • Recovers data from Android devices
  • System Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • Compatible Data Cable
Deleted Recovery
SMS (Text Messages)

MMS (Multimedia Messages)


Music (MP3)




Facebook Messenger






SMS (Text Messages)

Call History



Internet History

Internet Cookies

Voice Memos


Recover Deleted Android Data

Phone Recovery Chart

Android Text Message Recovery
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